It is important to get clarity in your business. Very important! Here are Four Steps to Find Clarity in Your Business. These steps are the elements to creating your Vision Story and can lead to saving you time, money, and reduce heartaches. In other words, increase profits in your business.

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Show Notes

This episode is a follow up to episode #153, why you should have a Vision-Story. This episode addresses the how.

The Four Steps to Achieving Clarity


Step 1: Carve out the time to get clarity and write out your vision story and future destination.

This is best done in two phases. Phase one is for yourself. Phase two is to communicate your vision to others.

Step 2: Use your time to get clarity of mind, direction, and commitment as key elements to win your game.

Step 3: Leverage your clarity to be a leader to better management and focused opportunities.

A short checklist to accomplish clarity in your business:

  •  Clearly define your products and services.
  •  Clearly identify your clients and customers.
  •  Clearly communicate to your team what the future will be.
  •  Clearly state and enforce what company culture you will have.
  •  Have a pretty good idea on how you’re going to deliver the goods to the customer.

Step 4: Overcome the challenges to reach clarity.

That is watching out for a lack of focus on your part, not taking account of your whole life like family and personal life, and not getting an outsider’s perspective on your situation.