I'm Scott R. Weaver

Since 2011, I’ve been helping business owners like you initiate and manage growth in their company. My structured Vision->Plan->Execute approach brings clarity, confidence, and productivity so you can gain the financial and time freedom to arise to live.

I Know Where You're Coming From…
You are the moving force in your business. Without you, your business will fail. You stepped out to build your zero to million business with passion, skills, and determination. You run your company at full steam, pleasing customers, taking care of employees, and profits are coming in. It is your willpower and grit that has powered success so far.
But there is so much to do, and much more keeps piling up every day.

Your business has been consuming your time and energy, yet little progress is seen. It feels like no matter how many hours you put in, it’s not enough. Words like overwhelm and chaos enter into your vocabulary. So you work harder.


Over time, you start to worry that maybe you don’t have what it takes because you can’t see the steps forward through the fog. Your team and employees don’t get why things that worked before is not working now and throwing frustration at you. You feel like your family doesn’t understand. In fact, sometimes you feel like they don’t even appreciate all that you do. The burden is on you.

How can anyone arise to live in all this?


 I understand. I’ve been through it myself. And I can help.


Sometimes all you need is someone who is not immersed in your day to day business. Someone who can bring perspective and expertise to the art of running a business. Someone who has the tools to bring it all together.


That’s what I do.


That’s what I am prepared for because of my real-life business experience and education as an MBA and an engineer, plus a certified business coach.


That’s what I’ve been doing since 2011.

That’s my passion and my calling.

And I give it all my heart.


Business coach and management consultant, podcast host, inventor, speaker, husband and father.


I love to share and encourage economic empowerment to others, especially to the next generation of entrepreneurs. My past experiences include working in construction to help pay for college to being a design engineer inside large corporate companies and leading multi-cultural teams, a tech start-up CEO, president of a business incubator, and running my own company. These activities required me to meet and engage with many different types of people, often first seeking out common vision before solving problems.


On top of that, I have an education background with a real MBA and a real engineering degree. Generally, having an MBA degree is enough for most clients, but just in case, I am also certified in the Pro-Coach System.


I now serve clients and audiences by empowering and equipping them to build sustainable and profitable companies without selling out their families or soul. By guiding with time tested business principles, I show people how they can gain freedom from the overwhelm of running a business. I use straight forward tools to bring about clarity and confidence to business owners leading their company and themselves. The goal is to help clients reach their dreams, both financial and personal.


My coaching approach is both simple and nuanced at the same time. The underlying attitude is that I am going to help you win by building a sustainable and profitable company. And that takes work.


However, over the years I’ve seen too many business owners listen to sirens of easy sales and easy money and find themselves shipwrecked and stranded. Building and running a business is not an easy thing and to say otherwise is disingenuous at best. Plus, it is not a victory if you come home with pockets full of money to a house full of strangers. There’s so much more to life.


What really got me into business coaching from management consulting was the many times I sat across a table from a broken business owner. The guy told me another heartbreaking tale of getting bad advice from charismatic faces and smooth words. I kept thinking, “I can do better, even my 12 year-old musical daughter could have done better.’ To me, there is great importance on the approach and way of thinking to grow a business.


That’s why I use business principles that have led business owners to succeed across time and industries. I use winning principles that worked 10 years ago, 100 years or more ago. The trick is applying these principles to your current situation and finding an achievable solution to get by the obstacles and overwhelm. It is important to find your strategy and execution so you can win in your business and your life. So you can Arise2Live.


Structured and Intential Business Coaching

Building and running a sustainable and profitable company does not come about using random processes or short-lived business fads. It comes from being intentional about your decisions and actions. It also comes from having the structures to move your company in the winning direction.


Likewise, my coaching approach is also intentional and structured. Again, I use simple and nuanced methods and tools. The simplicity in my coaching is the Vision, Plan, Implement approach. First, clearly identify what success looks like and where it is, create a business path to the vision, and follow the plan inside your company and yourself. Fairly straight forward.


The difference with me is in the practical and realistic implementation. My coaching brings together a powerful combination: my real-world experience of running my own businesses, timeless business principles, my graduate level business education, and years of solving problems as an engineer.


I have coaching packages in all three areas of VPI (Vision, Plan,Implement). Each package is a structured application to get your unique company well on its way to being a sustainable and profitable business so you are able to arise to live.

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My Number One Priority Is Still My Family


I am so fortunate to be married for over 25 years and have my wife as my CSO (“Chief Sanity Officer”). My kids have taken my example to step out beyond normal safe career choices and attended private college in cutting-edge majors.

I know it’s a cliché, but it takes intention, time and effort to build a strong business and stronger family life. It’s a daily challenge. And it’s worth it. When your business thrives and is in balance, your family life thrives as well.

You stepped out once before.

It’s time to make the investment to own the business you want and gain the financial and time freedom you desire. Don’t hold back on your business, clients, or even your family. And definitely don’t hold yourself back

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