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I help bring business owners the clarity, productivity, confidence, and freedom to take full control of their business while connecting with life and family.

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The Arise2Live Podcast for Business Owners

Episode #3 – You are a Problem Solver

Are you frustrated by people coming to you with all their problems? Scott shares why you are a Problem Solver, 5 points to deal with it, and why you should embrace it.

Episode #45 Opening the Door to Your Dreams

Our dreams sometimes seem to be behind a locked door. Scott presents 5 preparations to bring bring simplicity and clarity before you can open your door.

Episode #65 Take Action and Improve Yourself with Rocky Lalvani

In this interview, Rocky Lalvani shares personal insights on why the Rule of Compounding is so important to our success and to making money.


“Scott is able to step into a company as a consultant, efficiently evaluate the current condition and provide focus for the future state, then build a plan to bridge the two.”

D. Scott Smith, MBA


Resources for Business Owners


As business owners, we do a lot of high-level thinking, analysis, and problem solving every single day, which can  cause overwhelming feelings. Here’s what to do when it happens.

Five Ways to Get the Most Out Being a Problem Solver

if you’re anything like my clients and me, you are a problem solver. It’s one of those unwritten expectation placed on business owners and founders. Here’s how you can benefit from it.


“You get me thinking in other avenues, you expand my tunnel vision.”

15 employee Business Owner

About Scott R. Weaver

Not just another business coach 

I have an engineering degree and an MBA. Plus, I bring real world experience from working with clients and from my own experience as a business owner and a CEO of a real business.

With these tools, I help business owners go from being overwhelmed, feeling that they are in over their head, and working around the clock without moving much further to confidently leading the growing a business they love while having a fulfilling family life, personal growth and a healthy lifestyle that they can maintain for years to come. 

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