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John Nimmo, leadership coach and author of ‘Why Wait? A leaders’ Perspective on Procrastination”, presents important real world perspectives for personal and business. Topics: why we procrastinate, getting past failure, and leadership. John presents one of the better discussion on the impact of resentment, revenge, and self-forgiveness.

John Nimmo is an author, teacher, executive coach and an agent of change. John is currently a certified coach and speaker. He is the founder of

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Show Notes

  • You can’t be productive if you don’t have progress, you are just busy. at 1:30
  • Why do we put off solutions? 2:30
  • We need to be aware of why we think what we think to find out our strengths/weaknesses. 3:45
  • Subconscious is where our identity is held. It impacts our decisions. 7:30
  • Who we think we are impacts our decisions.   8:03
  • Reference to Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s Book “Psycho cybernetics”   8:20
  • 14 million google hits on procrastination.  9:25
    • 14.5% admit to procrastinate.
    •  27% admit to do it sometimes.
    • 21% do it often.
    •   20.5% do it daily.
  • Cost of Procrastination  10:25
    • Inaction has a cost and a risk that is far greater than taking any action.
  • We must create vision for the future. 11:00
  • Sub-performing employee example 11:34
    • Procrastinate having hard conversation because it is uncomfortable so put it off but don’t sleep well or not in the moment.  Steals our life.
    • We get better at over time.
  • Reference to Jim Hardenson – 85% employees are disruptive. 11:54
  • 4 Stages of Failure Loop – 12:56
    • 1. Accept a project or goal.
    • 2. Competing interests come in. Procrastinating.
    • 3. Overwhelmed with working on the goal.
    • 4. Rationalize you dislike your goal or place.
  • Tom Landry Quote: The hardest part of coaching is getting players to do what they don’t want to do so that they can achieve what they really want.
  • John differentiates between business managers and business leaders. 16:16
    • How to replicate me so employees take responsibility? They do their job because want to not mandated.
  • Business owners and procrastination. 18:12
    • Tool to stop procrastination. 18:30
    • Write down what you are doing at the time to subvert an activity so know what is costing.
  • Candy bar example. 20:00
    • Need to be aware of what is your temptation/craving to make a good decision of what to do.
  • Can you procrastinate procrastination?  21:59
    • Example of reading instead of doing what need to do to be productive.
    • Your subconscious is below surface but in control. Be aware.
  • Resentment leads to restriction.   23:52
    • Your can become restricted in your thinking, in your actions, and evaluating risks based on past failures.
    • Need to look in the mirror to get rid of resentment because it will restrict you.
    • Need to come to terms with failure and learn from mistakes.
    • Resentment is any negative emotion against an idea, place, etc. 25:22
    • Realize that being restricted in one area of life without being restricted in all areas of life. 25:36
    • John Maxwell quote: “Sometime we fail, sometimes we learn.”
    • John Nimmo quote: “The Key is are you going to go on, and forgive yourself” 26:27
    • Get a coach, mentor, or trusted advisor to hold you accountable and be vulnerable with 26:56
    • Abraham Lincoln failed so many times but didn’t let that stop him from becoming a success.
  • Discussion on revenge 29:00
    • Revenge is getting even but who wants to get even, you want to get ahead. 29:15
    •  You can’t carry that baggage and get ahead.
  • Business is not all flowers.  29:50
    • Practice leads to getting better at doing those hard things 31:00
  • Isolation is your enemy 31:54
    • We can’t see the label of the jar we are in. 32:30
    • Every professional athlete has a coach who can see what you don’t and point you in direction.

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