Looking to level-up or reach your goals by opening locked doors? Scott presents 5 elements from the Door Metaphor to bring simplicity and clarity so you can move forward with reasonable expectations with clear and actionable planning. The approach separates the actions needed from the time needed to accomplish them. And it highlights the key to open the door before you actually get to the door.

Important, it’s what’s behind the door. Your why, your goal, your dream. This is something different for each one of us. A better life and gives purpose to your actions.

Show Notes

The Door Metaphor for Success:

  • The Destination – What is behind the door?
  • Belief – Do you truly believe that what is behind the door is better than what you have today?
  • Movement – Are you taking action to shorten the distance to the door?
  • Time – How much time is needed to reach the door?
  • The Key – What is the key to unlock the door?


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