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Show Notes

Be Interesting by Being Interested

  • Ask questions and listen
  • Be self-Aware of brain’s tendency to day dream
  • Value of asking unexpected questions


Engage and Validate Method to Connect with People.

  • Discussion on listening to customer needs, do they know what they want or not?
  • Methods of meeting people where they are at
  • Importance of listening to create good relationships


Discussion on ‘Listen to your Friends’

  • Take things in measure
  • Outside perspective is needed


Communication Styles

  • Self-awareness of your personality propensity
  • Work-family transition when working at home
  • Discussion refers to DISC Personality Profile
  • D stands for Dominance, I for Influence, S for Steadiness, C for Conscientiousness


Taking Action after Listening

    • Sorting out the voices after listening before taking action
    • Time blocking
    • Take the time for your brain to process information
    • Seek order

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