Is it worth taking the effort to balance business and kids? Here are five long-term, positive outcomes when you include your kids in your business. Co-hosted by Scott’s daughter, Tegan.


Show Notes

#1 You become a better scheduler

– Schedule around kids schedule
– Schedule for smoothness, not efficiency
– Your presence has a huge impact, if even you don’t do anything.

#2 You get to know your family better  (at 6:42)

– Share your business at the family dinner table
– You and your kids have great opportunity to react to events and situations.

#3 You get extra support and feedback 8:32

– Help with business tasks, example of my son taking my web/social media headshots
– Review of products/materials before the customer sees it

#4 Kids learn real-life skills 10:38

– facing fears
– Access to professional equipment and software

#5 You will build up your purpose 14:46

– Business goes beyond making money


Link to Tegan’s High-School senior project,  called Faces of Philomath

Parent “Tag-team” reference is from Orit’s interview


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