We face storms in business like the weather storms that come every season, particuliarly winter. It’s part of life. As we come out of the COVID storm, there is some urgency. As one business person on Clubhouse bluntly put it. “Pivoting is no longer going to work for a business. A business must be well managed in order to survive.”

This episode covers 4 things that a business owner can do after that storm passes.

Show Notes

Ramp up Your Company as the COVID Storm Passes

Two reaction things:

  • Ramp-up by helping in the clean-up.
    • Assess the damage, don’t hide things in the closet.
    • Assess any family strains.
    • Clean up the mess in your place.
    • Help clean up the mess in your neighbors place (i.e. customers, employees, suppliers, etc.).
  • Ramp up to be nimble as the economy and opportunities open up.
    • Have flexibility with employee hours and time off.
    • Have flexibility with customers, how they pay and delivery methods.
    • Have flexibility about accepting help.

Two intentional things:

  • Ramp up by keeping the better family habits.
    • Don’t forget the home front as you ramp-up your business.
    • Figure out  and choose the best of both worlds, pre-covid and covid. Then leave the rest behind.
    • Smoother schedule at home helps your business.
  • Ramp up by updating your business model
    • Increase your financial resilience.
    • Be nimble to smartly invest in new technologies, people, and products.
    • Update your business model, become clear on your business strengths and weakness.

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