Waiting is an Important Skill


Many of us seem to be in a Waitin’ Season. Waiting for Covid to pass. Waiting for business to pick up. Waiting on family and more. This episode covers the importance of keep moving and the dangers to avoid while waiting. Having some measure of patience and stepping forward is key during the Waitin’ Season.

Show Notes


  • Dangers in the Waiting Season

    • Dangers of being distracted
      • Forgetting that cake is in the oven until too late.
    • Forcing things before they are ready
      • Taking the cake out of the oven early and eating a half-baked cake.
    • Becoming isolated from others
      • Developing false fears, like, it’s not safe to take the cake out of the oven because it’s hot. Not only does the cake burn up, but the kitchen fills up with smoke too.
  • Isolation is the Enemy

    • Isolation Leads to Clouded Judgement
    • Isolation Leads to Unreasonable Fear
    • FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real
  • What we can do

    • Develop a Sense of Timing
    • Remember Stories and Testimonials
    • Keep Moving
      • Go for a Walk
      • Write in Your Journal
      • Work on Low-Priority Projects
      • Spiritual Activities
      • Call a Friend or Talk to a Mentor
      • Cook a Meal for your Family
      • Consider Taking a Vacation
      • And a 1000 More Things!



Book: C.S. Lewis “Screw Tape Letters”





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