Powerful interview about your building your legacy and the meaning of success from someone who actually achieved material wealth. Tommy Breedlove shares his personal journey of going from fear and competition to love and abundance. Along the way he discovered how ‘money and fame is a magnifying glass’ of your attitudes and what you hold inside today. Self-love and self-respect is extremely important to happiness. He also encourages spouses and women in business.

Recorded at the Social Media World Conference 2019 in the San Diego Convention Center.

Tommy Breedlove is Keynote Speaker, Author, Premiere Business and Mindset Coach. He can be reached at:

Social Media: @tommybreedlove
e-Mail Tommy for 1-page document “My Legendary Life” at tommy@tommybreedlove.com
Check out Tommy’s upcoming book “Legendary”
Tommy’s wife’s page shineyourbright.com
Tommy’s book Legendary: A simple playbook for building… (Amazon Affiliate Link)

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D. Scott Smith, Tommy Breedlove, Scott Weaver

Show Notes

3000 steps is about 1.5 miles. We had a mix-up on which end of the convention center to meet and ended up on opposite sides. Tommy ran the whole length of the center!

“Money and fame is a magnifying glass”– it will show your holes or your abundance attitude.

Mindset…. Not just your brain, but also your heart.  Self-mastery over yourself and unconditional love and respect for yourself.

Go from a place of fear to love and scarcity to abundance!

Mentors are essential  to personal growth.


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