Guest Dan Purcell, owner of Virgo Dev mobile app company, takes us on a business journey that includes taking big leaps, secrets to hiring a good team, overcoming business disaster, and discovering along the way that your happiness is directly tied to your family relationships. A discovery so big that he wrote two marriage apps to help others toward the happiness he’s learned.

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Show Notes

Taking Big Leaps

  • Making the leap from employment  to business owner.
  • Big commitment to hiring first employee.
  • Staying with it, i.e. having late night reviews with spouse.

Hiring and Building a Quality team

  • Increase your application pool and selection.
  • Have “Un-Internships” to develop great talent.
  • Look for achievement pattern, have heart, like what they do.
  • Give a basic test during interview.
  • Hold an amazing first day for new hire….have everything ready to go for them.
  • Spend two hours with new hire on first day.

Overcoming Major Setbacks

  1. Things can quickly happen for the worse, have financial savings.
  2. Okay to cry.
  3. Make the best decision you can with the information available.
  4. Okay to start-over, in fact, it may be the best option.

Marriage Transformation

  • Push to talk at a deeper level, more meaning.
  • Working on your marriage has a very high ROI (return-on-investment).
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