Creating a vision for your company can be scary or feel like fluff. But if big corporations create a business vision to remain competitive, maybe us business owners should, too. Scott shares from his up-coming book to clarify what a business vision is so you can improve your future and company profitability. This is the episode if you ever want to know what a real and useful business vision does for you.

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What is a business vision?

Vision is simply sharing your definition of success and your intuition of what you should do for a better tomorrow.

Your vision is unique and personal. Best results are centered on time-tested principles and values that are focused on a single future destination. It captures your hopes, desires, and dreams into a clear, written description that others can understand and follow.

Your company, your employees will benefit knowing where you are taking them to and will feel a sense of security that you can guide them to a better tomorrow. But the real secret of creating a vision is not for your company, but for yourself. Having a crystal clear sight to the future is like having have a compass to guide you true and give you confidence to guide others.

Three Parts of Your Vision

  1. Personal and Family Vision
  2. Business Vision
  3. Written Document


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