The battle for your mind and attitude can be one ugly, smash-mouth fight. One you better win.

Scott broke his toe at the beach and blamed himself for all the plans that didn’t  happen. Is that crazy? But he’s like so many other business owners thinking it’s all on them. Fortunately, his support team came to the rescue. This episode shares the challenges of mindset battles, how a support team can get you going, and 5 things that you can do when unexpected setbacks arrive.

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Show Notes

Your support team is very important to lift you up when the cookie doesn’t bounce your way.


You can go Toe to Toe and win in the Mental Game by:

  • Intentionally choose to win the battle for your attitude.

    1. You’re not so stuck that you can’t change your attitude, but sometimes it is a smashmouth battle for your mind. Intentionally choose not to continue with the negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are like birds, can’t stop them from flying over you, but you can stop them from building a nest in your hair.
  • Reach out to your Support group.

    They can see beyond the negative situation that dominates your vision. Set aside your pride and trust them to guide you through the dark time and actually do what they say to do. You’ll be much better off than doing things on your own with limited sight and a negative deposition. Of course, this assumes you already have a close support group. If you don’t have one, create one this week and start sharing and building trust in them.

  • Set new goals by letting go of the previous goals and expectations.

    When there’s a new reality you’re in, that usually means letting go of the past plans. Maybe it’s lower expectations and goals, but in my case of dealing with a broken toe, and setting new goals, I managed to finish a podcast episode and a book manuscript. That’s something good.

  • Move and do things even if you don’t feel like it. You’ll thank your future self for taking action, no matter how small it is.

  • Enjoy the benefits of the new reality.

I’m outside looking at tropical trees and an island volcano. I would not be here if I didn’t take my friend’s advice and record this episode.


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