Top leaders continuously work boosting their influence inside their company and be a better boss. The key is to create influence beyond your title so you can grow your company and reach the vision you are reaching for. This episode shares 3 ways you can boost your influence with your team.

To be a better boss, you need influence and that starts with you and your actions. Three areas that was covered in this episode are:

  • Boost Your influence by taking lead
  • Boost Your influence by increasing trust
  • Boost Your influence by better interactions with your team.


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Show Notes

It is key to create influence beyond your title so you can grow your company and reach the vision you are reaching for. This starts with improving yourself.

What is Influence?

When we are in a position of influence, we can make change acceptable, direct an idea to grow, or move a person towards something. We can encourage people to the right solution by presenting several alternatives and letting them choose to follow instead of being bossed around.

“Leadership is influence—nothing more, nothing less” – John C. Maxwell

Boost Your Influence by Taking The Lead

As a business owner, you have the position, the title, the power….but it is not enough for your team to perform at the highest levels. You need to influence them to choose to perform at high levels.

You take the lead by taking responsibility of delivering the results, the outcome of the company’s effort. Taking responsibility for happy customers, quality service and products, financial stability, and a work environment that your team wants to be in.

Boost Your Influence by Increasing Trust

Developing this two-way trust takes time and effort. A good way to start is being consistent in the elements of trust, such as:

  • Take the time to build connections and relationship bridges with your team members.
  • Communicate your intentions in a clear manner.
  • Display integrity in your decisions and keeping your promises.
  • Keep your ego in check.
  • Stepping up to deliver the results, which you can do consistently.
  • Show loyalty to your team.


Boost Your Influence by Better Interactions with Your Team

The principle generally goes like this: if you want others to follow your lead and build trust in your company, then you need to be developing your own character and behavior at the same time you are building up your team’s character.

Use your body language to communicate confidence.

Listen first, even to the point of tilting your head to show you’re listening. Ask follow-up questions and engage with something like, “What I hear you say is this…”

Use connecting & emotional phrases when you talk with your team members. Examples are;

  • Thank you!
  • I’m proud of you…
  • I would like to see this happen because…
  • We can do better because this is not who we are, we are…
  • Great job for doing…
  • I love your effort…
  • I need you to step up and this is important because…
  • I appreciate your attitude…
  • We will get through this adversity because…





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