Today we have a wonderful interview with Joe Sanok about his new book “Thursday is the New Friday” and how a 4-day work week can apply to business owners. Scott asked Joe some challenging questions. There’s a lot of gold nuggets in this unscripted episode.

Guest: Joe Sanok
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Joe Sanok & Scott Weaver at Podcast Movement '21

Show Notes

Joe Sanok’s Background

  • Host of “The Practice of the Practice Podcast” – Top 50 podcasts worldwide.
  • Trained Psychologist with private counseling practice for a number of years.
  • Consults and learns from other counselors through Practice of the Practice website.

4-day Work Week Benefits

  1. Work life balance
  2. Health
  3. Happiness
  4. Productivity
  5. Staff retention
  6. Heating/cooling savings
  7. Forces owners to say, “For me, personally, in my role that I have, what’s the very best use of my time for this business and everything else I need to not be touching.”

Ways to Increase Productivity and Brain Power

  • Take Friday off or half off Friday.
  • Protect the time that you are not at work
  • On Monday or beginning of week, look at what tasks need to get done and would make the difference for the week.
  • Set boundaries on work so you know when you are done- don’t overwork.