We are in a time of economic change and how we do business is changing.

Are there things we can do to help us adjust? How can ideas from a 1999 business book by Bill Gates help us today? This episode covers 5 things to know when making good decisions.


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Show Notes


Sources of Economic Change

  • New Presidency and Style
    • New regulations
    • New taxes
    • Stimulus programs
  • Treat of Inflation…which means rising pricings.
    • Shortages and high demand.  Delays – Port of Los Angeles is backed-up.
    • Stimulus funds pumping money into the ecomony.
  • Post-Covid Changes in People’s Behavior and Attitude
    • Customer buying habits have changed.
    • Employee working habits have changed.
    • Customers helping business.
      • Local Gym…people wiping down equipment
      • Airlines…passing garbage to the isle.
      • On-line information + video learning.

     5 things to Know When Making Good Decisions

    • Know your numbers
    • Know your suppliers
    • Know your customers
    • Know your employees
    • Know yourself

     A Few Insights From Bill Gate’s Book

    • Information is valuable to make good decisions and it is important to get it at a timely manner.
    • Business owners, managers, and leaders need the right kind of information, ability to manage that information, and then apply it.
    • Book has a direct application of timeless business principles to using the internet, e-commerce, and IT systems.


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    Link to SBA PPP program
    Amazon Link* to Bill Gate’s book “Business @ The Speed of Thought”

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