By listener request, here is a “starter” episode on Mastermind Groups and why you should consider being part of one. The host, Scott R Weaver, is a member of a mastermind group.

The benefits of being in a peer of like-minded business owners is covered.

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Show Notes

The show host, Scott, is part of a Mastermind Group going on two years now. For a while, he resisted doing this podcast, but was convinced based on the comment: “It’s not a boring topic. People want to know your secrets of success.”

What is a Mastermind Group?

A simple definition is it is a group of peers who meet for a common purpose and basically share ideas and advice with each other–that’s it. Just a small group of like-minded people coming together for common purpose and to take action.

Now the not-so simple thing is the results of a group of peers meeting together. When done right, the Mastermind group environment creates a people dynamics and catalyst for growth that is rarely seen elsewhere.

Seven Things to look for when joining a Mastermind Group

  • The commitment of the leader and/or founder.
  • A group of your peers, not someone else’s.
  • Is there access to experts?
    • Good mastermind groups bring in outside experts and usually have a founder & team that are very deep to help their members.
  • The Cost
    • Most Mastermind Groups have a monthly fee and always seems on the high side.
  • There has to be clear value to you.
    • You will be putting in time and money. Is it worth it? Does this particular mastermind help you reach your vision?
    • The answers better be a strong ‘yes’.  A ‘maybe’ is the same as a ‘no’
  • Does this mastermind allow you to contribute and help other people in the group?
  • Does your personality fit the group dynamics?



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