Transition, change, and setbacks can trigger a subtle type of confusion that can negatively impact your company’s performance and is often hard to spot until too late. Three red-flags are presented to help business owners fend off confusion creep before it eats up a whole bunch of time and money.

Show Notes

Handling Transition Better as a Business Leader

Experienced business owners recognize the early signs of uncertainty impacting their company. They know that in times of transition or an unexpected setback, whether in business or in life that can cause doubts and uncertainty, “Any business owner or executive can become confused.”

“If you are experiencing any type of transition now, whether in your business or in life, you are experiencing some kind of confusion.”

Confusion creep can come in during transition or change and our egos blinds us.

Three Red-Flags to Spot Confusion Creep

  1. Not fully committed to your business and experiencing lackluster results in your business.
  2. Sensing your business pace is too fast or too slow for long-term victory.
  3. Your dedicated employees are off doing their own things and not contributing to a unified goal.


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