In this episode, we switch gears to cover an often overlooked topic for business owners: how a get-a-way retreat with the spouse helps both to be on the same page with the business and helps keep the relationship from drifting apart. This episode shares the why and how a get-a-way creates opportunities for focus on the business and life in order to create harmony with the business and family so they both thrive. Thriving is a good thing!

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Show Notes

The relationship between your business and family is very important. It doesn’t matter if you are married or not, a family plays a significant role in supporting your entrepreneur efforts. Keeping your own family informed allows them to be a better support to what you’re trying to do.

So what is a get-a-way?

Other names for this get-a-away is a retreat or couples retreat, working vacation, reconnection time, meditation time, and more.

It’s not some big strategy or complicated business thing.  It’s not some lavish vacation.  It is something in between, partially practical in reviewing vision and direction, and partially enjoyment of time with your spouse. It can be with a lunch in the park, ½ day or weekend escape, or even a whole week at some timeshare. All these are places where your problems are left behind and you can gain perspective.

Types of spouse business relationships

Separated:  Business is business and family’s family. The spouses live in one world and not the other.

Together:  Both spouses run the business together. For them, the business and life are nearly the same.

Hybrid:  Business is sort of separated from the family but not exactly.


Preparing for a spouse get-a-way

  • Find the time by short-term delegating in the business, a training opportunity.
  • Don’t surprise your spouse. Many business owners are visionary and usually it’s not best to spring a huge future vision plan on unaware people, especially your spouse.
  • Don’t plan to use the latest and greatest strategy tools. That makes it sound like going to boot-camp instead of a retreat.

Logistics for a spouse get-a-way

  • Pick a get-a-way place where you can focus and have fun too.
  • Use your cloud drive to write and record things on and be easily available when you get home.
  • Bring a power strip and a lamp because many hotels and condos are designed for sleeping or entertainment so lack enough light to work in.
  • Set up a loose schedule or agenda, mainly to determine when you and your spouse are going to talk over vision.

During the get-a-way

  • Keep it simple. Carefully listen and be able to repeat back the major points.
  • Look for a mind-meld of the big things, like the future destination.
  • Have a reward and/or celebration afterwards.







“Operation Management – Comtempary Concepts and Cases” 4th edition by Roger G. Schroeder

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