Increase your Social Media knowledge: the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ to use customer avatars when posting, an overview of the benefits of Instagram and its potential to reach new audiences, and wellness tips to social media. Tegan Weaver graciously covers for Scott because he caught a bad cold at a conference and lost his voice.

Show Notes

Customer Avatars (2:00)

Used for posting on social media to business customers.
Potential fun way to get to know your kids.

Trends in Instagram (8:20)

Instagram App is booming.
Use your customer avatar to write copy for your posts and ads.
Creating good pictures and captions is key to views and Instagram’s algorithms.

Wellness Tips

Watch out for Blue Light emitting from screen because blue light can disrupt.
Set your device’s “night shift” or “night light” to automatically shift to yellow at the right time.
Watch for too much screen time that detracts from your goals.
When waiting, It is okay to take in your surroundings instead of looking at your smart-phone.


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