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“This is one of my favorite podcasts. As a new business owner, I feel as if Scott is speaking directly to me. Not only are his topics relevant, but he helps me think of the things I should be thinking about.”

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The Arise2Live Podcast for Business Owners

Episode #3 – You are a Problem Solver

Are you frustrated by people coming to you with all their problems? Scott shares why you are a Problem Solver, 5 points to deal with it, and why you should embrace it.

Episode #45 Opening the Door to Your Dreams

Our dreams sometimes seem to be behind a locked door. Scott presents 5 preparations to bring bring simplicity and clarity before you can open your door.

Episode #65 Take Action and Improve Yourself with Rocky Lalvani

In this interview, Rocky Lalvani shares personal insights on why the Rule of Compounding is so important to our success and to making money.

The Origins of a Podcast

What led to Arise2Live?

One of the biggest surprises of owning my business was how this experience affected my family.  The dots between my business and my family did NOT connect. I found myself in constant struggle.

To deal with the challenge, I started exploring tools, ideas, and necessary mindset shifts to find balance between my business and my family life.

I guess you could say that this is when the seeds that would lead to the creation of my Arise2Live podcast were planted.

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