Create Your Vision Story

Your Roadmap to New Heights



Your personal coaching program to redefine success and launch a new roadmap to take your life and business to new heights.

So you can change the game from feeling like an overwhelmed laborer to a confident business owner who is clear minded and motivated to reclaim your dream life and business.

For too long you’ve known the game has changed—your business is running you. Somehow it changed underneath your feet and you’re not winning playing the same old moves…It’s time to return to why you started your business in the first place.

I get it, what owner has the time to see past the day-to-day now to recapture dreams and launch a new roadmap when revenues are growing. It’s easy to stick to the things that worked before. That’s what most business owners do. And it works…for a while.

Before you know it, months have passed by, and your business is still running you, sucking out your freedom, time and family and blowing overwhelm in your face.

 Don’t let this happen to you. Act. Now!

Imagine having a unified picture of what success looks like to you.
A clear target to aim at in your life and in your business.

Imagine having it articulated so clearly you want to share it with your team and the important people in your life.

Create Your Vision Story Coaching will help you do just that!

And you can get this done in four weeks.

The Cost of Playing the Same Game

When the game changes, experienced leaders know that a stale Vision Story is a leading cause for confusion to creep into their businss. They take strong action sooner than their competitors and reap the benefits.

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A Stale Vision Leads to Confusion in Your Business:

  • Lack-luster profit and customer results.
  • Wasted effort and money.
  • Dedicated employees rush off in multiple directions and end up tripping over each other, or worse, fighting for their own goals.

 The Cost of Confusion is Very Expensive.

You Are Negatively Impacted by a Stale Vision:

  • People see you are not fully committed and wonder why.
  • You set the wrong pace for operations, either too slow or too fast to win.
  • You experience increased stress, overwhelm, and strained relationships.

You Are Four Sessions Away


Top Business Leaders carve out time and freedom by updating their vision of the future while preparing for the future growth and increased profits. This is the secret that keeps winners winning.

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Before we talk about the coaching packages

Let’s talk about who this program is really for.

You’re a leader with some success under your belt. You know how to win, but you’re not happy with where you are right now.

You feel like the old status quo is eroding away at your company’s performance and it’s holding you back. This could be because you’ve reached a new level in business or because the powers-that-be threw a curve ball at you.

You’ve been in this for a while, so you know that when you lose your vision clarity, confusion creeps into your business. You’ve seen the signs of confusion in your business: lackluster profits, wasted effort, and a company that’s rushing in multiple directions.

To add to that, when you take an honest look at it, you realize, that even when you do get results in your business, you’re still left feeling that you’re not where you need to be. You’re not sure your life is better off than it were a few years ago. Maybe it’s even worse.


You’re wrapped up in your day to day business and your short term goals that you haven’t looked at your long term goals in a while. Can you easily articulate your long term goals for you and for your business? What about your team – do you know where your business is headed?


You feel like the passion and commitment you once had for your business are gone and you’re not sure why. What used to be exciting is now routine, and you know that it could be better.

Most importantly, you’re ready to turn things around.

When you complete this 4-session program


You will have reconnected with your purpose, with what drives you, so you’d wake up every morning knowing exactly what you want and how you’re going to get it.

You will have the growth mentality necessary to lead a team that can support your vision.

You will explore new possibilities and opportunities to take your company to a future that is aligned with your values and purpose.

Scott helped me see past the now and to the future. Where I want to be…I would not have done this on my own.

Jeff Silverman, Silverman Studios

Part 1 – Uncover What You Want

We begin with clarifying your values and what you really want so you can focus your Vision Story to who you are and your desires. The research strongly says that when personal ideals are aligned with vision and strategy then powerful progress is achieved. You aren’t in the game if you don’t know what your ideals are.

Session 1

Your Values
Your Time Frame

Session 2

Your Family, Freedom,

Part 2 – Vision Story for the Business Destination

We focus on your business and what it needs to be so you will be in position to win. We clarify and write the destination of success you will reach at the end of your time frame.

Session 3

Products & Services
Clients & Customers

Session 4

Your Future Team
Company Culture

Your Vision Story Captures Your Entrepreneurial Dream

An entrepreneur paints a new future for their company and customers. Scott’s Vision Story Coaching package covers two very important aspects of vision.

Clarity of mind, direction, and commitment are core ingredients to win the game. First is painting a future that aligns your values to life and the business. Research is clear: A major indicator of business success is when the owner values match the vision.

Clarity leads to better management, focused opportunities, and leads to increased profits. Top business owners envision what their company will look like. A crystal clear image of future revenues, number of employees, and type of customer products create company-wide proactive action for a common goal.

A Vision Story Captures Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

In the real world, your company’s vision is more important than quarterly goals or even the mighty annual plan. This is because your vision story is your game’s finish line for strategy, plans, and goals. But it is more! A clear vision will energize your entrepreneurial commitment and motivate your team and employees.



Arise2Live Coaching does one more thing:

It enables your company to thrive by aligning your values and family life, so your business can reach its full potential.

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How We Work Together


  • Sessions are virtual using Zoom.
  • Be open about where you are and where you want to go.
  • A key expectation comes from the principle ‘If you only had one hour to solve a difficult problem, take 50 minutes to think of the solution and 10 minutes to implement.’ So, it is expected for you to spend about an hour on each step and fill out the workbook before the session. In that way, our time together is focused on getting the clarity of where you want to be.
  • I provide the safe space, understanding, and honest feedback to help you reach your full potential.
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“Chase the vision, not the money.”

– Tony Hsieh of

What do you really want out of your business?

Hi! I’m Scott Weaver

✔ Advised business owners and executives across multiple sectors, judged MBA business contests, and owned his coaching business since 2011.

✔ Ran tech start-ups and non-profits plus been a board member on several organizations. Also led international teams.

✔ Two degrees, MBA with honors plus Electrical Engineering.

✔ Analytical, can see how systems and people work together.

… and I am a visionary.

Scott Weaver standing next to a brick wall.

Don’t Fall Down the Slippery Slope!

Uncertainty in your vision leads to self-doubts then to worrying about the future.

Worry leads to waiting and indecision.

Indecision falls to missed opportunities and mismanagement.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Your unique vision story is your future destination that you can point your compass to. How much money would be wasted over time if the compass is pointed in the wrong direction?

With that said, it is important for you to put the time and effort in your vision story. If you don’t take it seriously, then it’s not worth the money.



The coaching approach has been used by hundreds of business owners in my coaching network and if you put in the effort, I guarantee you will have a clear picture of the future you want to create. However, if after the first session you decide this isn’t for you, let me know for a refund.


No. A mission statement is basically what your business is about and who your served customer is. Strategy is about the path forward. Like the finish line in a race, your Vision Story is the destination that strategy and mission strives for.


While there is a “basic understanding” agreement to set expectations (i.e. like confidentiality), because this is a coaching package of a fixed number of sessions there is no long-term contract.

I get it. Like you, I also have a business and family. That’s one of the reasons there is only 1-hour sessions spread out over time. Creating a vision story takes time like baking a good cake, your brain will come up with your best options.