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Scott launched the Arise2Live podcast in 2018 with the motivation to share what he learned along the way and not repeat what he experienced in his early business career – older folks keeping wisdom and knowledge to themselves.

Scott is a recovering engineer and founder of Arise2 LLC, a business coach and management consulting agency (dba Arise2Live). Past experiences include being a computer-chip design engineer leading international teams, start-up CEO, president of a business incubator, and running his own company since 2011. In this time, he personally faced the challenges of running a business and a family at the same time. He holds a degree in engineering and a MBA plus a certified business coach. He lives in Franklin, Tennessee with his wonderful wife and family.

I really enjoy listening to Scott and his guests. He’s not one of those ‘I have it all together so be like me’ people. He is real and very plainly breaks down issues and provides simple ideas and solutions.

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These topics are generally broad enough to adapt to your listeners.

  • Life Cycle of a Successful Business – All business go through a rather predictable cycle. However, founders and business owners can run off the road if they don’t know where they are the Business Maturity Curve.
  • Personal Challenges of a Business Owners – Business is an emotional endeavor and running a business at the same time as a family is a challenge. Yet, many have successfully done so. This topic covers four features leading to success.
  • Arisel2Live Profit-Loop™ System – Too often founders and business owners have an awesome idea and know-how, but have difficulty running their company. Much of this complexity can be removed by balancing out the money-loop and value creation loop.
  • 4-Steps to Business Freedom™ System– Various topics for the experienced business owner. Step 1: Fast start to more time, Step 2: Business Foundations, Step 3: Passion and People, Step 4: Fine Tuning.


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