Do you have a useful (real) weekly To-Do system? A hand-written note does not count! Perhaps you are lost in the endless myriad of task-apps? Looking to increase your productivity?

This episode shares a 5-step process to clarify and simplify your search for a To-Do system tool that matches your style.

Show Notes

The 5-step process to create a good To-Do system for yourself:

  1. Realize your To-Do system is a personal habit
    1. A To-Do tracking system is not a business process, it’s a personal habit.
    2. Good personal app or planner saves time, looks professional to clients, and reduces stress.
  2. Remembering the true purpose of a To-Do system
    1. So you don’t forget your commitments.
    2. Match goals with your activity.
    3. Get the little stuff out of your head so you can focus on the big stuff.
  3. Your personal considerations
    1. Matches your style.
    2. Matches into your habits.
    3. Matches your budget.
    4. Matches your devices.
  4. Critical features of the To-Do system
    1. Keep track of goals.
    2. Keeps track of tasks.
    3. Keeps track of time.
    4. Easy access.
  5. Finally looking for an App or Planner.
    1. Go to website, check reviews, ask friends.
    2. Try for free.
    3. Bail out quickly if you’re not comfortable, but don’t give up if still promising.
    4. Once decided, use for 6-months or until it no longer serves its purpose.

Tool Apps Mentioned in the Show

The Overlooked Solutions

Email Apps

  • -Google mail, MS Outlook, Mozilla’s Thunderbird
  • Good for desktop, I think I struggle with complexity on smartphone, but getting better every year.

Office Suites

  • Spreadsheets: MS Excels, iOS Numbers, Open Office, Google Drive

— Business Suites

  • Zoho – many free for freelancers,

Software Development tools

  • Tech people on team projects have to track task, and generally don’t want management types. So, they’ve developed some very efficient tools for goals and communications. Don’t be afraid if it says “For software developers.”

To-Do Tasks Apps

  • Nozbe…”Getting Things Done”, very good for cross platform
  • Trello…Kaban, card based, simple, but may be too simple for many of you.
  • Slack…Team focused, stores messages
  • Todoist…Middle road app
  • Habitica … make a game out of it, earn gold.
  •… worth checking out…
  • Google Tasks, and MS To-Do
  • Zappier – “Middle-ware”, connects different apps together


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