Creating your ideal work week can increase productivity and reduce stress. It establishes a new boundary: a new picture of what could be the best and what’s possible in your business.

This episode is a how-to create your ideal schedule to reduce stress and run a smoother organization.

Show Notes

I encourage you to create your own personal ideal work week, keep it handy, and follow it most of the time.

Four Reasons to Create Your Ideal Work Week

  1. Let others know when they can bother you (or not).
  2. Personalize your schedule.
  3. You intentionally tie your goals to your activities together.
  4. It’s easier to get on track after interruptions.


Schedule steps when Creating Your Ideal Work Week

  1. Set the time to do weekly planning.
  2. Schedule the two often overlooked tasks:
    • Time for handling or planning financial strategy.
    • Allocating slack time.  Something will be delayed in a weekly schedule.
  3. Add your activitites directly related to goals and focused areas.
  4. Add tasks needed to run your company.
  5. Reserve time for outside meetings and events.

Practical Things about Using Your Ideal Work Week

  1. Use your ideal work week for Time blocking not Planning
  2. Need to train others when not to bother you…or when they can bother you.
  3. Be honest with your natural rhythms and create your ideal week around them
  4. Create theme days
  5. Don’t allocate every minute…okay to be general
  6. Having multiple Ideal Work Week schedules help with different seasons of the year.

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