Meeting new people can be a bit awkward and uncomfortable. Scott shares four networking tricks learned when going from engineering to CEO. These tricks bring confidence that you can handle many business encounters at conferences, event, or on the street. Included is bonus material about the need for small talk before the big talk.

Scott is talking Friday, June 18th 2021 at the Global Tea Break meeting. It’s free to attend, but you do need to sign-up at  to get the Zoom Link.

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Show Notes

Collaboration is good. so it’s worth the risk and effort to go to events where people have similar interest as you.

 Comments on Small Talk

  • Seems to be two camps:
    • “Small talk is a complete waste of time, just get to the point, if there actually is one.”
    • “If you can’t trust people in the small talk, you can’t trust in the big talk.”
  • Suggested not to skip the human trusting building process called small talk, but don’t stay there too long.

4 Tricks to Build Confidence When Meeting New People

  • Be curious about people’s story.
    • Listening to others tell their story does two things: You don’t have to say anything, which is perfectly fine with introverts, and you get to learn something new.
  • Know that reticence is not a bad thing.
    • Okay to be friendly AND not to talk about yourself.
  • Open small personal windows.
    • Build trust by sharing a small thing that you are doing and have difficulty with.
    • Choose which small window to open before getting to the event.
  • Recognize when you start getting “peopled out”
    • Being around people can drain you…recognize the signs early


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