Do you get uncomfortable meeting new people at events or conferences? For the tech or shy person, this episode covers 3 practical tips on how to gain confidence and get past the awkward introduction phase.

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Show Notes

 Collaboration is good. So it’s worth the risk and effort to go to events where people have similar interest as you.

 Three unconventional tips to get past the awkward introduction phase

  • Social etiquette is your friend. Gain confidence by knowing the part of the purpose of social etiquette is to quickly allow people to get through the awkward introduction phase.
  • Introductions have been already figured out long-ago.  Gain confidence by being a monkey rule follower of social etiquette practices, or just use the social API for you tech folks.
  • You have at least three things in common meeting a new person at an event or conference. Gain confidence by breaking the ice with a handful of simple questions using the three things in common. 1) You are both here. 2) You both traveled here. 3) You both have an interest in the conference or event.


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