Today’s topic is about real life. We catch a bad cold, get rattled by some news, whatever. The trick is to move forward when you don’t feel like it. This episode is about how not to get caught in a productivity guilt trip and covers three things you can do to step forward on your off-days.

Show Notes

Here are three things to deal with for those days when the motivation is lacking and the cookie doesn’t bounce your way. Even then, I have found that you can move forward—even if a little.

Prepare Ahead of Time

This chain starts from the following observation:

Your goals set your priorities.
Priorities set your weekly focus.
Weekly focus sets your daily tasks.
Daily tasks are your small steps on the journey.

Aligning the daily tasks to your goals is the key here.

The point is you know the daily tasks, in particular, which ones are the busy-work tasks. A very useful thing for down days because without much though, the easy, busy work are right before you.So…on off-days, you can still do no-brainer tasks without figuring out which tasks. And that moves your business forward.

 Reduce the guilt and frustration.

Reducing comes in two ways: not fighting the situation and only taking one step at a time.
You just do the daily tasks from #1 for that day. Just do. No thinking. No worrying. Just do. That’s it.

Permission to declare a 30% day to move forward.

By accepting that there is an off-day and the energy and will-power is just not there, it is okay not to strive for a 100% or 80% day. Or even a day that you try your best.  So rather than becoming discouraged with a zero-productivity day by giving up…


A 30% day means that you allow yourself to take over three, four times longer than normal to complete a task. No self-judgement. After all, getting anything done is better than nothing.

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