Facing big struggles and challenges in today’s uncertain and challenging times?

Black business owner Fredrick Edward shares his inspirational story of overcoming many challenges in life. How life is bigger than himself, and by extension, bigger than us. Fredrick has overcome his non-ideal youth growing up in Harlem, NYC, to the heart-break of losing his wife to cancer and becoming a single-dad, to succeeding in his business, and today, helping out troubled youths with his own non-profit.

Fredrick Edward is owner of Knight Vision Security and a single-dad. His non-profit can be found at Faith Hope and Charity. He is very active in the local community.

This is an encore unscripted interview that has new relevance in today’s world.

Show Notes

In times of trials, reach out for services and programs to help with the burden.

In times of overwhelming stress, just look at the next step and keep the faith to keep going.

Step through the open door
– Don’t think about yourself.
– Find Inspiration from other people.

Doing what you need to do, focusing on what only you can do.

Follow the positive examples of those who came before us.

Business Enterprise Center (Corvallis, Oregon)
MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility

Story of Jonah found in the Bible: Book of Jonah.
“The Matrix” Movie (1999)

My daughter operated the sound equipment and speaks a couple of times.
Recorded at the Business Enterprise Center in Corvallis, Oregon. You can hear a train in the background.


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