You are a Problem Solver–Why didn’t anyone tell me this before I started?

Are people coming to you with all their problems? Is it frustrating? Scott Weaver shares why you are a Problem Solver, why you should embrace it, and a little of his journey from task master to solution focused business owner.

Show Notes

The 5 Points:

  • #1: Leadership is Problem Solving
  • #2: It’s a good thing when people come to you with problems
  • #3: You can’t solve every problem
  • #4: Create a FAQ to answer repeated questions
  • #5: Problem solving in a family setting is different than in your business

Quotes from:

  • “Secrets of Closing the Sale”, Zig Ziglar, Kindle edition,
    Ugh, e-books don’t have page numbers! 5th paragraph in ‘Introduction
    to the Updated Edition’.
  • Jesus Quote from Matthew 5:46
  • “The Difference Maker” John C. Maxwell pg. 105
  • “The Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell”, Oren Harai, from slides from when I was in school.

Thanks to Tegan Weaver for assisting with audio post production.

Produced at Arise2 studios.

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