How do you thrive as a family and as an entrepreneur at the same time?

Co-Host Jennifer Uren and Scott has a lively discussion on living on the frontier between business and family. We approach the question from two different sides, Jennifer from the family side and Scott from the business side.

Jennifer Uren “Mompreneur” and Podcast host of “This Mom Knows”
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Jennifer Urem 'This Mommy Knows'

Show Notes

Surprise adoption of two kids.

Being a care-giver and an entrepreneur.

  • Systematize chores.
  • Key relationship in life is with yourself.
  • Don’t squelch your talents and gifts.
  • Two emotional buckets to enjoy life.

Avoid two mistakes in life:

  • Working too much.
  • Putting children as most important  thing in life.

Spouse roles more complicated today than 150 years ago

  • No longer physical strength based roles.
  • Today still have to work together as a team to survive.

 Communication between spouses reduces tension

  • Establish common language.
  • Establish a common family goal.
  • Share your needs, wants, and desires.
  • Work through seasons of business and life.
  • Have a common family calendar to prevent double-scheduling.
  • 15-minute rule after work.

Both spouses need to continue to personally grow through life.

  • Danger of divorce if one stops growing.
  • Personal growth prevents stagnation.
  • Remove bottlenecks in schedule and relationships.
  • Self-care is very important.




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