Nancy is owner of Vaughn Farms that sells specialty pears for gifts, Douglas Fir seeds for Christmas Trees, blackberries, and TRUFFLES!
Here is an article about their farm.

In this interview, Nancy Vaughn shares the art of planning for success by focusing on how later in life she and her late husband, Ed, transitioned from working professional careers to a planting an orchard on a farm, a career shift they called “un-retirement”.

Some take-a-ways if you are starting a new venture or changing careers, or even doing a little moon-lighting.

  • Find something you are talented at, interested in, and love to do.
  • Use the circumstances and resources you have.
  • Prepare for success by preparing for the future by:

a. Financially save up or sell some of your things to fund your venture.
b. Engage and learn from the local experts
c. Join a community of like-minded people before launching.
d. Wait for the proper timing and then take the plunge.
e. Create added-value to your product and special niches to increase sales.

Ed’s Folly – Ed’s attempt to grow Perigord truffles on their farm.  He was one of the early adopter in a new (to Oregon) industry that is starting to show some success.

Recorded on site at Vaughn Farms

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