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Episode #28 Get Going on Next Year’s Goals

Get Going on Next Year's Goals This is not your usual New Year's Goal Setting podcast. You can find the time and be productive during the holiday season with this flexible 2 hours in 2 weeks "How-to" approach. Download SMART Goals Worksheet       Show Notes The...

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Episode #25 Two Questions on Gratitude

Two Questions on Gratitude Is there a relationship between Thanksgiving Day and successful people? Is there a connection between being thankful and self-confidence? This podcast explores the answer to these questions and the benefits of having an attitude of gratitude...

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Episode #24 Season 2 Launch and Background

Show Notes Season #2 is starting! The theme of this series is "heart of the parent, mind of an entrepreneur".  The goal is to capture and provide paths forward for the complexites and mixed feelings about having a family while running a business. How to keep things in...

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“We must awake and make the day
To find a song for heart and soul”
  from “Song of the Lonely Mountain”