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Everyone and anyone is telling you what success is.

What do you say?


The race is on and lots of folks are cheering you on. It feels great, but you’ve reached your 6-figure milestones, now what? What does business and personal growth look like?

Others will tell you, but they are not in the race—you are! It’s time to run to win by finding your finish line

Stack the odds in your favor.

In the real world, your company’s vision is more important than quarterly goals or even the mighty annual plan. This is because your vision is the North Star for strategy, plans, and goals.


There is always a cost of confusion.

  • Confusion on priorities leads to wasted effort and money. Employees rush off in multiple directions and end up tripping over each other or fighting for their own goals. Your team’s talent and skills are not fully used.
  • Confusion on direction leads to missed opportunities and possibilities.
  • Confusion on what success is leads you to strive for someone else’s definition or what “they” say are the keys to success.

How would a clear picture of the future impact your actions today?

  • Imagine what your people could do with a clear, compelling vision to guide them.
  • Able to make consistent decisions on pursuing opportunities and possibilities.
  • A lifestyle where your business efforts are aligned with personal and family desires.
  • Inner confidence and peace of obtaining your own success; success that matches your values and financial goals.

8 step program with 4 coaching sessions

Session 1

Your Values

& Your Time Frame

Session 2

Your Family, Freedom,

& Financials

Session 3

Products & Services

+ Clients & Customers

Session 4

Your Future Team

& Culture

Vision Story Package

Create Crystal Clear Vision


  • 8 Step Vision Story Program.
  • 4 virtual coaching sessions (45min) within 4 weeks.
  • Includes business and personal growth goals.
  • 20+ page PDF workbook, printable and fillable.
  • Access to online account for content and scheduling

The Coaching Program

This program is not about making a few pithy “vision statements” or “taglines”. It is about identifying your values and dreams, then aligning your business to match. It is a reflective, deep thinking process to create a new future for you and your business.

This program is not about your business mission. A mission statement is what your business is about and who your served customer is. A vision determines the destination that a mission strives for. An inspiring vision sharpens the business mission to concise action.

The first 3 steps bring out what you want: your core values, future picture of family, and what time and financial freedom looks like. The next 5 steps unite your business vision to your values and goals. Considering things like what products and services should be provided, what roles should be on your team and the desired culture to reach the destination, and more. The 20+ page PDF workbook that is printable and fillable guides you through the steps.

A key expectation comes from the principle ‘If you only had one hour to solve a difficult problem, take 50 minutes to think of the solution and 10 minutes to implement.’ Expectations are for you to spend about an hour on each step and fill out the workbook before the session. In that way, our time together is focused on getting the clarity of where you want to be.

This vision story process is not about business strategy or planning. Strategy is more about the path forward. Vision is the finish line, the destination that strategy and planning points to.

Before the race starts, it’s important to answer this question: What do you really want out of your business?

Having a voice and an outside perspective to help show you what is possible and achievable is important to creating your vision story. I provide the safe space, understanding, and honest feedback to help you reach your full potential.

Meet Scott Weaver

✔ Advised business owners and executives across multiple sectors, judged MBA business contests, and owned his coaching business since 2011.

✔ Ran tech start-ups and non-profits plus been a board member on several organizations. Also has lead international teams.

✔ Two degrees, MBA with honors plus Electrical Engineering.

✔ Analytical, can see how systems and people work together.

… and is a visionary.

Scott Weaver standing next to a brick wall.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee this will work for my business?

Only you can do that. Are you willing to do the hard work of creating your future self and business? I have the roadmap laid out for you that is backed by many success stories, and I am very dedicated.

Do I have to sign a contract?

While there is a “basic understanding” agreement to set expectations (i.e. like confidentiality), because this is a coaching package of a fixed number of sessions there is no long-term contract.

If I’m constantly putting out fires, how will I find the time to put in the work?

I get it. Like you, I also have a business and family. That’s one of the reasons there is only 1-hour sessions spread out over time. Creating a vision story takes time like baking a good cake, your brain will come up with your best options.

Is it worth the money?

Your unique vision story is your future destination that you can point your compass to. How much money would be wasted over time if the compass is pointed in the wrong direction?
With that said, it is important for you to put the time and effort in your vision story. If you don’t take it seriously, then it’s not worth the money.

“With vision, every person, organization, and country can flourish.
The Bible says, ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish.’”

Mark Victor Hansen