Listening Tips

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is like a radio show, but accessed via internet and on-demand (i.e. always available). Access to podcast can be done through an internet browser (like this site) or through phone or desktop apps (such as iTunes, Spotify, etc.). Using phone apps makes listening easy where ever you go and can connect with many car audio systems via Bluetooth.

However Note: All podcasts are downloaded audio files and will use data. If you use a phone, best to use a Wi-Fi connection if you have a limited data plan to prevent over-usage charges.

How to Rate and Review a Podcast

Informational videos can be found at

How to Subscribe to the Arise2Live Podcast

Option #1 Listen on this Webpage (works for computer/laptops and mobile devices)
1) (general instructions) Launch your favorite web-browser and go to
2) Below are show-notes for each episode. Click on the one you are interested in.
3) Click on the sideways triangle (play) in the “Audio Player” box.
4) Adjust volume on your computer or click-hold-and-move the “ball” on the right side of the “Audio Player”

Option #2 Podcast App on Smart-Phones and Mobile devices
Most smart-phones have a built-in Podcast App.

1) Open your podcast App
2) Search for “Arise2Live” or “Arise 2 Live”.
Many search icons look like a magnifying glass.
3) Once found, touch the “Subscribe” button to get automatic updates

Option #3 Apple iTunes App (PC’s and Apple computers)
Note: iTunes and can be downloaded Here

1) Click Arise 2 Live page or on the “Apple Podcast” button on the home page.

2) Click on “View in iTunes”

Image of ApplePodcast1

3) In iTunes, click on the “Subscribe” button.

4) If a pop-up asks to confirm, click the  “Subscribe” button.