In a world of daily tension and stress you need to stay strong and at your best. This episodes identifies three subtle sources of business tension and three practical things that you can do to stay renewed and at top performance. All the while avoiding the insidious Sacrificial Syndrome that can drag you down.

This is a topic that lots of people like to avoid, but it’s so important to the success of business.

Show Notes

Three Stresses on Business Owners and Leaders

  • Daily tension and fire-fighting.
  • Increasing capacity as you grow.
  • Trying to please everyone.

Build and Maintain a Good Support Team

  • Find people you trust, listen to, and will watch your blind spots.
  • Renew with friends and family.
  • Attend community or social events.
  • Find time to talk with your spouse,

Personal Relax and Connect Time

  • Have a day of rest, once per week.
  • Engage in spirituality and meditation.
  • Take timely vacations.
  • And of course, exercise.

Reduce or Eliminate Sore Spots

  • Create better processes and communication.
  • Set healthy boundaries.
  • Delegate stressful tasks.


From the book** Resonant Leadership” by Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee
Sacrifice Syndrome = a vicious cycle of stress, crisis, sacrifice. Leads to dissonance behavior.
Renewal Cycle = a virtuous cycle of resonant relationships and effective leadership with mindfulness, hope, and compassion.

CDC paper:Judgement and Decision-Making under stress: An overview for Emergency Managers” K. Kowalski and C. Vaught

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