Digital Branding expert and Social Media Influencer Zachary Jeans shares an insider’s viewpoint on how to improve your company’s on-line marketing efforts with practical tips and how to successfully engage your customers and community. This is cutting-edge information as of date of publishing…and very understandable for the beginner.

Zachary Jeans also shares what he learned from the challenges of launching his company and twitter #impactmaters leadership community engagement.

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Show Notes

Marketing Not Just Telling the World Your Message

  • A two-way conversation: outward and inward.
  • Okay to take time developing your voice about your brand.
  • Build brand identity inside your company so employees feel united and can communicate outward.

Digital Branding from the Ground Up

  • Learn and accept the emotions
  • Get on some platforms… access the available info.
  • Start getting familiar, see how other people share their message.
  • Do what other people are doing, don’t be afraid to make a mistake, software is more robust now.
  • Keep at it and try to be a small blessing each day.

Transition to Self-employment

  • Sometimes you have to just take the plunge, but be ready as possible
  • Have the humility to ask for help, reduces stress on the family
  • Importance of savings before you launch

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