Carrie Reagh shares her tricks on how to fully use your existing content, guidelines to design your own logo, and insights on how to leave a job to start your own company. Interviewed on-site at the SMMW19 conference in San Diego.

About Carrie Reagh

Carrie is the founder of Social Mint, a company that creates new content from existing content as well as edit video and podcasts. She is based in the Cleveland, Ohio area and through technology offers services across the country. She can be reached at:
Instagram: @socialmintcontent
Facebook: @socialmintcontent
Twitter: @Carrie Reagh

Show Notes

Content Creation

What is it? Who’s it for?
A picture, for example, can be used on a web-site, a brochure, etc.
Re-purposing existing content can help keep brand consistency, save money, etc.

Designing a Company Logo

Logo is like your thumbprint, unique to you.
Keep it simple, keep it sharp, same for print and screens.
Design for print first, then web, have black & white version for non-color printers.

Good & Bad Bosses

Be a good boss!

Stepping from a job to launch a company

When taking chances do a risk assessment, look at worst case and decide if it is acceptable for the reward.
Work with your boss/employer to meet both of your needs.
Know your strengths and weaknesses. Outsource if needed.
Women are indeed empowered to launch companies.
Needed for success: skills, financial resources, willing to learn new things, communication.
Be an authentic person to attract good people.

Disney Land is in California.
Disney World is in Florida.


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