Orit Ofri provides a woman’s insight and perspective on balancing a business and the family. There are elements of improving your online marketing, time management, insights about overcoming adversity, but perhaps most impactful is the insight on running a business and family at the same time. She is a mom with two kids, a On-line Presence Coach for authors, and a board member of the non-profit¬†Willamette Writers organization. She can be reached at her website oritofri.com.

 Show Notes

There’s a lot of information and insights. Here is only a sampling.

Orit’s cat makes numerous comments during the interview.

On-line Presence tips and the value avatars for creating on-line content. An avatar is a create character of you ideal customer, the one who you write blogs to. Additional marketing avatar information can be found at Avatar Link.

Orit makes reference to Amy Porterfield’s website

Flexibility of having a business and tag-teaming with spouse to get things done at home and take care of the kids.

Time-Management tool: Batching is scheduling activities and tasks in a consistent and long time block. Batching saves time, produces higher quality, and allows focusing on the tasks at hand.