Orit Ofri provides a business woman’s insight and perspective on balancing a business and the family. She starts of with the elements to improve your online marketing, time management, insights about overcoming adversity and then brings impactful real-life insight on running a business and family. Orit is a mom with two kids, an On-line Presence Coach for authors, and a board member of the non-profit Willamette Writers organization. She can be reached at her website oritofri.com.

 Show Notes

Orit share’s a lot of information and insights. You may have to pause to take notes. Here is only a sampling on what we talked about.

  • Orit’s cat makes numerous comments during the interview.
  • On-line Presence tips and the value avatars for creating on-line content. An avatar is a created character of your ideal customer, that is, the person who you write blogs for. Additional marketing avatar information can be found at this Avatar Link.
  • Orit makes reference to Amy Porterfield’s website.
  • Tag-team with your spouse to get things done at home and take care of the kids.
  • Time-Management idea: Batching is scheduling activities and tasks in a consistent and long time block. Batching saves time, produces higher quality, and allows focusing on the tasks at hand.


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