Today’s episode is about being resilient. By exploring the two faces of resilience that we encounter in life, we gain a better understanding of ourselves and able to navigate the river rapids of adversity for our business and family. This is something we business owners need to deal with and embrace.

Show Notes

Business owners, founders, and freelancers need to be resilient. It’s a requirement.

Two Faces of Resiliency

  1. Internally resilient…developing in ourselves.
  2.  Resiliency in others…to build up others.

A Definition of Resiliency

Here are four sentences that when taken together is a definition that is used in this episode:

  1. Ability to get through adversity by adapting in a positive way.
  2. Drawing on faith to know that you’ll get through this adversity.
  3. Seeing a better future out in the distance.
  4. Confidence that in the end you’ll be stronger than before.

Why You Need Resilience?

  • It allows for personal growth instead of propagating a victim mentality.
  • It shields us from mental issues like depression.
  • It connects us to people who help us and it builds trust and gratitude, if we ask them.
  • Resilience allows us to continue providing for our family and employees.
  • Resilience builds our faith and confidence.


First Face of Resilience – Internal

Answering the call inside us to move and be strong in spite of the appearances around us. On one hand we already have the ability to be resilient inside of us, but on the other hand, we need to be intentional to express it, just let it out. This is a life-long precess to develop.

Second Face of Resilience – Other People

Many of us have more experiences in handling adversity. However, inside our business and family, there are likely people who are struggling under adversity. We can help them through “Perspective Points” taken from our lives.


Resources and Links

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Ray Zinn’s book* Tough This First

General Zinni’s Leadership book* Leading the Charge

Rudyard Kipling’s poem called “If”


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