Having persistence is key to reaching your goals and success. It allows you to overcome obstacles on your journey when the tough times arrive. This episode covers the four elements of persistence and how staying power is related.

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Show Notes

Developing long haul habits is important because running a business is like running a marathon. The road to success is long and mentally challenging.

4 Elements of Persistence

  1. Will power
  2.  Desire
  3. Staying Power
  4. Faith to Refuse to Give Up

4 Habits of Staying Power

These were covered in detailed in episode #96.

Staying power for the business owner is:

  1. Holding to a weekly schedule for smooth running operations.
  2. Setting the right pace for you and your business.
  3. Having the novelty of relationships.
  4. Carving out time for personal rest and downtime.


Resources and Links

SBA loan information:  SBA website

James Clear’s book* Atomic Habits

Napoleon’s Hill’s* Think and Grow Rich


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