Many small business are sorry, out of luck (SOL) with the recent rule changes by the SBA of the EIDL loan ($10K advance) stimulus program. So what actions can we take today to survive?

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Show Notes

SBA EIDL Loan Updates

I’ll be blunt and just get it out there: If you are a business without employees, there’s no SBA $10K advance money or loans for you. If you are a gig worker expecting unemployment benefits, you are out of luck for the foreseeable future. I think you’ll eventually get them, but you really need to be finding new work to get by.

About 35% of the total work force in the US is in the gig-economy. The percentage is higher for Gen-Xers and Millennials. Most of them will not qualify for business stimulus funds. To me, it doesn’t make economic sense to exclude that many workers and still expect a quick full recovery.


So what can we do if we can’t get timely government help?

  • We move. Take action. We adapt.
  • Make the needed financial changes quickly. Like immediately.
  • Decide to ‘Fish or Cut-bait’ on your key activities.


Resources and Links

SBA loan information:  SBA website
SBA EIDL loan information: on $1K for each employee up to $10K
U.S. Treasury Fact Sheet “PPP–Fact-Scheet (4/3/2020)” article: The Gig Economy Gets Ready To Scale
NY Times article “Small Businesses Wait for Cash as Disaster Loan Program Unravels”

EntreLeadership Blog: What Small-Business Owners Need to Know About the CARES Act
Forbes article on the Gig Economy
CNBC article on : “Delays in SBA loans for independent contractors and self-employed workers






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