In today’s environment, it’s difficult to keep up our daily focus on moving our business forward. Here are 4 practical things you can do to be more productive using the “your body is a machine” approach.

Show Notes

Last episode’s theme: Be Aware and Take Action


Four things you can do to increase your daily focus using the “Your-Body-is-a-Machine” approach.


1) Take care of your eyes. When your eyes get tired, it requires more brain power to focus.

  • Use your ‘Night-Light’ feature on your devices
  • Have good light in your work space by using sunlight through a window or LED lights.

2) Greatly limit your reading of the news. Constant bad news and rage-reporting wear you down and reduce your ability to concentrate.

3) Taking care of your body keeps up focus and will-power.

4) Put aside time for meditation and scripture reading to reduce stress, and increases personal productivity.


Resources and Links

SBA loan information:  SBA website
SBA EIDL loan information: on $1K for each employee up to $10K

U.S. Treasury Fact Sheet “PPP–Fasct-Scheet (4/3/2020)”
Forbes article on the Gig Economy
CNBC article on : “Delays in SBA loans for independent contractors and self-employed workers






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