How do you work from home and set up an understanding with family members so you can reach your business goals? This episode covers practical insights and actions you can take to be productive and still have a positive relationships with your family members. This is based on Scott’s actual experience of running a business out of his house.



Show Notes

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Creating Productivity

  •  Make a new weekly, normal schedule.
  • Stay on your game by getting dressed for work
  • Time block activities during the day.
  • Have a focus on good habits.
  • Have a separate and consistent work space.

 Navigating the Kids While Working at Home

  • Set boundaries.
  • Have an open door policy with them.
  • Let them be curious, show a little of what you’re doing.

Don’t Drift Away From Your Spouse or Significant Other

  • Touch base once a day.
  • Set aside quality time, even if it is for 10 minutes.

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