Can we intentionally create change in our lives with wisdom and purpose? This episode explores ideas how you can positivity make change in your home, business, and local community by building better environments and positive attitude. Doing so, we make a better world…for ourselves.

Show Notes

Key Point: We have the ability create positive change.

The idea is that if you can prepare change and you can indeed control your reaction to change, then it stands to reason, we can intentionally create change, positive change with wisdom and purpose. Obviously we can not control or change everything in world, but we actually do have influence over a lot of things in life.

Intentional Change at Home

Environment Ideas

Spend time together, maybe less “big” vacations and more “day” trips.  Eat dinner together as a family. The list is virtually endless. Just pick a few that works for your family and go do it.

More slack time. In the big picture, there’s really not a need to press the kids so hard that every second of there life is filled with activities.

Attitude Ideas

Do things to get you into a better mood. Example of the “worry tree”.

Intentional Change in Your Business

Environment Ideas

Be aware of how the little things in the Environment impacts your team and employees. What does your people need to succeed so your company can do better?

Attitude Ideas

Have and maintain a positive attitude and policies.

Intentional Change in the Community

We business owners do have a responsibility to our local community. There are volunteer firemen, volunteer coaches, volunteer kid readers, library volunteers, etc. Why not a volunteer business person? I’m not talking devoting, like, 15 hours a week, but being creative in a few high impact ways over the year.

Environment Ideas

Sponsor a local sports team. Can create a possible environment kids and be charges as a marketing expense (double check that with your CPA). Be on a city committee.

Attitude Ideas

The attitude of giving back and thankfulness can benefit you the most…plus make a big difference. Example of Fredrick Edward’s mentor in high school set him on the right course to ‘Business Person of the Year’.

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