How are you preparing for external change? Business owners and entrepreneurs face both expected and unexpected changes over time. We can be ready! This episode covers four changes that we all have to face soon or later and some actions we can take to manage change. Included is emotional intelligence approaches to respond to the external pressures and change.

Show Notes

Key Point: We can prepared ahead of time for changes.

Preparing for External Changes that are generally outside our control.

Financial downturns … Have a year of savings, keep in the know how the ecomony is doing

Stuff breaks…the Law of Entropy is always at work…budget everything a small amount in savings to replace, have insurance, credit lines, etc. to reduce the risk

Natural Disasters…they come unexpectedly, sort-of. Have have an accessible emergency  kit.

Family changes…kids grow up, spouses “mature”, they grow in life too.

How we can be Emotionally Inteligent

1) Prepare for the mental and emotional strain when dealing with surprising external changes…like writing $5,000 checks to help family members pay hospital surgery bills.

2) Prepare for measure responses reguardles how your body and emotions react.


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