This episode is the start of Season #3! A new, shorter length format while Scott completes his move.

How are you handling the tension between change and stability? Entrepreneurs face the simultaneous challenge of bringing change and creating stability. A person is likely to be more successful by recognizing this and intentionally adapting to life’s required changes.

Show Notes

Key Point: We live in tension between our desire for change and our search for predictibity.

We Where Born to Face the Natural Order

We experience changing seasons due to the earth moving around the sun.

We experience changing seasons in life as we age.

We Can’t Stop the Natural Order Changes, but We can Adapt

  • Farmers plant by the seasons.
  • We play on the ski slopes in winter and play at the lake in summer.

The Tension between Change and Stability

  • All of us want both, it’s part of human nature.
  • Create rhythm in live between desire and that stability, and predictability we crave for.

Entrepreneurs Struggle with Managing Change and Stability

  • Entrepreneurs bring new solutions and new products.
  • Entrepreneurs use process and tools to create predictability and stability.
  • Entrepreneurs face tension and stress balancing customer solutions and running a stable business.
  • Need to find a model that helps separate the two.
  • Scott’s model is a sea-worthy ship on the waves of change.


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Quote from C.S. Lewis, “Screwtape Letters”.

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