Information. It is critical to success in business and family. Leaders, business owners, and parents face unspoken expectation that they are keeping up with the changing information in today’s world. Yet, as we meet the demands of decision making, we often forget about where our information comes from. Some intentionality here seems to be required for success.

Show Notes

In our world, an unspoken expectation is that we are keeping up. This leads to two modern day problems of information:

  • How and where we get information has changed. 
  • Most business decisions and often family issues are generally only  made with 60-70% of the information needed to make a for sure decision.

Six Guidelines to Help Be Intentional About Information

  1. Take Time to Keep Up
  2. Seek Out New Sources
  3. Don’t Forget the Traditional Methods
  4. Be Careful About Appling Information
  5. Experience Plays a Role in Valuing Information
  6. Be Willing to Change the Plan

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Correction: In the podcast around 11:30, Scott meant to say 300 million people, not 300 people.

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