Scott is not calling to change the world, just suggesting to make a few tweaks to create a wee bit more peace in your life in four areas: in yourselves, in your business, inside your homes, and for your community.

It’s worth it and enables you to reach your goals.

Show Notes

Here are some ideas to start with. Taking small steps for peace in ourselves, in our business, in our homes, and in our communities. Please take these high level approaches and run with them. Innovate. Make them better and apply for your own situation.

Work for Peace in the Business

  • Particularly with partners and employees
    1. Create a positive work environment,
    2. Lighten up. One way is let those you delegate tasks to, do their stuff. Mostly their way using their strengths.
    3. Lead by being a good leader. As a business owner or manager, good leadership prevents role confusion that results in tempers rising and hurt feelings. If you hired good employees, they will naturally step up to fill gaps. That’s what they do. If you don’t cover gaps in your business, sooner or later, that employee will do something you don’t like. By taking your leadership seriously, a lot of misunderstandings can be prevented.

Strive for Peace in your Home and Family

  1. Create positive memories. Doesn’t have to be big things. A movie night where you make the pop-corn, going to a local festival or school night can be effective.
  2. Be present in the moment and listen. I know this is hard, but rewards are good.
  3. Lighten up, most of you listeners are go-getters in our own way, working hard to move forward. But if you have children at home, it’s a good chance you need to be an up-getter. Okay, admit I made that word up, but an up-getter is someone who takes the effort to reach down and bring another up to their next level (not to your level). In the case of children, to raise them up with good skills and great character.

Personal peace comes from inside you

  1. Be consistent to your purpose and who you are.
  2. Having a bigger, wider picture helps keep the up & downs of business 4 in perspective.
  3. For you people of faith, meditation, Bible reading, or even praying for wisdom and provision helps with establishing calmness inside your heart.
  4. And don’t be so hard on yourself. Contrary to what go-getters think, the reality is that no one person can’t never make a mistake or do it all. So, give a little grace to yourself.

Create Pockets of Peace in Your Community

As business owners and managers, what can we do to create a little peace in our local communities?

Sponsor a sport team for kids. In my town, it costs $375 to do so. Maybe it’s more expensive in your area, but the cost not a budget breaker. And keeping kids busy and off the street can be a game-changer for a few of them and in a small step, betters the world we live in. Or sponsor a robotics team or an entrepreneur events.

Allow employees to volunteer, like 1 hour a week, at the local schools. Some companies do pay their wage for doing so, but I think most provide some flex time. Such an employee becomes your proxy to improving the community.

There’s lots of opportunities to contribute a little without a lot of effort. Enabling people is a good thing.


Links to how business can prevent wars and regional conflicts

While researching for this episode, I came across several on-line articles about business helping create peace, aka prevent wars. Mainly from the UN and a few global NGO’s.


Thanks to my son Marcus for researching the cost  ($375) for sponsoring a local kid sports team.

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