Looking for a simple and practical productive way to launch your goals for next year? Wanting to better align activities to your purpose and reduce double-booking family and business events?

This episode challenges you to set aside time to work on your life and business within the next two weeks using a three session structured approach of time blocking, review current goals, and to dream.

Show Notes


Setup Goals for the Coming Year

The three steps to launching your purpose.

Set aside 3 sessions, each 1 hour long, and on separate days. They are on separate days because it’s good to let the brain process your goals at a slower pace instead of treating this as a task to be done and it is easier to squeeze in quality time during a busy day.

Day 1 – Time Block Next Year’s Commitments

Record all known important dates (for the whole year) into your calendar, your schedule app, or even on a wall calendar. Include family, business, and tax filing dates.

This reduces stress by reducing the chance of double-booking events between family and business activities. The most challenging part of this may be finding your family dates.

Day 2 – Do an Overview of Your Current Goals

This is an overview, not an indept analysis. Almost a gut-feeling of how satisfied you are with this year’s results.

Create a Start/Stop list. Be intential about the things that you should start doing and stuff that you need to stop doing.

Day 3 – Dream of What Could Be

What would your business and family life look like if all went super smooth? What new goals should be set to get where you want to be (i.e. match your purpose)? You don’t have to be super-detailed, but at least have the top level details down enough that you can articulate them to your spouse or business mentors.

Once you have your next years goals written down, now multiple them by 10 or add 10 more. If you want to increase business income by $100,000, then make it $1,000,000. If you want to read 4 business books (i.e. 1 per quarter) over the year, make that 14 books over the year (i.e. a bit more than 1 per month).

Then ask yourself, what things need to happen to do this? What big rocks need to be moved? The answer to these questions can help identify some internal barriers that are holding you back.

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